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Business Directory

The Kaua'i LGBTQ+ community wants to support businesses that support us!

Support Those Who Support You

These businesses believe in equality, inclusion and putting their money where their mouth is. They pay an annual membership fee of $25, which goes toward website maintenance and membership stickers.


Benefits of Membership

The Equality Kauai Business Directory is designed with both local and visitor in mind.



Being listed on the Equality Kaua'i Business Directory puts eyes on your business and communicates that you are a safe place to be for our community.

Membership Sticker - Physical & Digital

Display your membership proudly - in person and online! Let our beautiful logo tell your patrons that you support equality on Kaua'i.

Genre Listing of Your Choice

You know your organization better than anyone else. Tell us what you think is the best fit!

LGBTQ+ Support

Your annual donation of $25 keeps this website running, which  supports the local LGBTQ+ community 24/7 365!

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