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Show Your Support


Your donation helps increase LGBTQ+ visibility for Kaua'i residents and visitors. This commitment helps create a safer community for everyone.


Click the box below to donate online with PayPal through our partner, YWCA of Kauai. Please be sure to type Equality Kauai in the "Leave a Comment" box and select LGBTQ+ from the "Gift Designation" box.


Make checks payable to YWCA - Equality Kauai and mail to YWCA of Kaua'i, c/o Dollie Galiza, Lihue, HI 96766.

Holding Hands

Word of Mouth

There are many ways to support Equality Kaua'i, simply by talking about us.

  • Follow us on Instagram and share our posts.

  • When you visit businesses who are members, let them know how you found them and share your appreciation for their membership.

  • If it's a business who isn't a member, please put us on their radar. We'd love to have them.

  • Tell all your friends about Equality Kaua'i!

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